Wednesday Testimony Meeting

7p ET

(We will be live by 6:50p)


  1. Hymn.

  2. Reading from the BIBLE, and correlative passages from SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.

  3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer, its spiritual interpretation being omitted.

  4. Hymn.

  5. Announcing necessary notices.

  6. Experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science.

  7. Closing Hymn.


Hymn #203

  O Father, may we bear each hour
The flag of hope and peace unfurled,
And mirror forth Love's sacred power
To feed and bless a hungry world.
We shall not falter by the way
If we but place our trust in Thee,
Obeying gladly day by day
The living Truth that makes men free.

Help us to know that all is well
E'en though we wander through earth's shade,
To know that all Thy children dwell
Within Love's stronghold unafraid.
Teach us to follow fearlessly
The way our gentle Master trod,
'Twill lead us safely home to Thee,
O loving Father-Mother, God.
(The Christian Science Hymnal, No. 203)

Hymn #475

Forget not who you are, O child of God,
For God demands of you reflection pure;
Your heritage is goodly, and your home,
In Spirit's warm embrace, is safe, secure.

You are the child of Spirit, sinless, pure-
Yours is a perfect beauty, born of Soul-
Complete with health, vitality, and grace.
For is not God, your Father, perfect, whole?

Your understanding, too, comes straight from God.
For in that Mind, magnificent and clear,
You are conceived by Love, a perfect child,
Unhampered by the flesh, or doubt, or fear.

So now look up to God's pure holy light
And greet with fearless joy each coming day.
Of royal birth, you are a King's own child-
And God is yours, and you are God's alway.
(The Christian Science Hymnal, No. 475)


Hymn #561
Our heavenly Father-Mother Love abiding,
We worship You, We praise Your holy name.
Teach us Your children evermore to love You;
Your will be done in earth as heaven today.
Teach us Your children evermore to love You;
Your will be done in earth as heaven today.

O give us grace to meet the coming morrow;
Forgive our debts as others we forgive.
You never lead Your children to temptation.
Deliver us from evil and from sin.
Yours is the kingdom, Yours the power and glory,
World without end, forevermore, Amen.
(The Christian Science Hymnal, No. 561)