Wednesday Testimony Meeting

7p ET

(We will be live by 6:50p)


  1. Hymn.

  2. Reading from the BIBLE, and correlative passages from SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.

  3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer, its spiritual interpretation being omitted.

  4. Hymn.

  5. Announcing necessary notices.

  6. Experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science.

  7. Closing Hymn.

The subject for this week's Wednesday testimony meeting is: "Christ's tender healing touch"


"The Bible contains the recipe for all healing." ((Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (S&H) p.406)). The Bible records that Christ Jesus sometimes reached out & touched those he healed: a leper, a woman with a fever, a man blind from birth, as well as, two women who had suffered long-standing physical diseases.  In Christian Science the true saving & healing idea of God which Jesus exemplified, is called the Christ.  It is the touch of the Christ, transforming thought that reveals the nature of divine Love (another name for God) and brings healing. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe...they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:17-18).  Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Here the word hands is used metaphorically...It expresses spiritual power; otherwise the healing could not have been done spiritually." (S&H p. 38).


Perhaps Jesus touched those he healed to remind them of God's tender care and to encourage their faith in divine Spirt--to express the Christ, the spirit of Love.  Christian Science healing today is practiced in accordance with the teachings of Christ Jesus.  Hands are not used as a healing agent.  Rather, Christian Scientists pray fervently to feel the touch of the healing Christ and God's dear love through the daily study of our Pastor, the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures & the Holy Bible.  


The true idea of God, Love is just as present and potent to heal now as it was in Jesus' day.  "The time for the reappearing of the divine healing is throughout all time;" (S&H p. 55).  The Master left us the supreme example to follow in our desire to be Christian healers.  The touch that heals completely and permanently is the touch of the Christ.




"He stood of old, the Holy Christ,

Amid the suffering throng,

With whom his lightest touch sufficed 

To make the weakest strong."

(Christian Science Hymnal No. 96)

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Hymn 134

I look to Thee in every need,
And never look in vain;
I feel Thy touch, eternal Love,
And all is well again:
The thought of Thee is mightier far
Than sin and pain and sorrow are.

Thy calmness bends serene above,
My restlessness to still;
Around me flows Thy quickening life
To nerve my faltering will:
Thy presence fills my solitude;
Thy providence turns all to good.

Embosomed deep in Thy dear love,
Held in Thy law, I stand:
Thy hand in all things I behold,
And all things in Thy hand.
Thou leadest me by unsought ways,
Thou turn'st my mourning into praise.


Hymn 96

He stood of old, the holy Christ,
Amid the suffering throng,
With whom his lightest touch sufficed
To make the weakest strong.
That healing gift God gives to them
Who use it in His name;
The power that filled the garment's hem
Is evermore the same.

So shalt thou be with power endued
Like him who went about
The Syrian hillsides doing good
And casting demons out.
The Great Physician liveth yet
Thy friend and guide to be;
The Healer by Gennesaret
Shall walk the rounds with thee.

Hymn 175

Lo, He sent His Word and healed them,
Still that Word of God is here.
Still its tender healing message
Speaks to every listening ear.
Truth divine, that overcometh
All the ills that seem to be,
In our hearts Thy Word abiding,
We may know Thee and be free.

Love divine, that faileth never,
Still Thy presence and Thy power
Mighty are to save and heal us,
Guard and guide us every hour.
Life divine, Thy Word proclaimeth
All true being one with Thee.
Sinless, fearless, whole, rejoicing,
Now and through eternity.