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Wednesday Testimony Meeting

7p ET

(We will be live by 6:50p)


  1. Hymn.

  2. Reading from the BIBLE, and correlative passages from SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.

  3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer, its spiritual interpretation being omitted.

  4. Hymn.

  5. Announcing necessary notices.

  6. Experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science.

  7. Closing Hymn.

The subject for this week's Wednesday testimony meeting is: 

The Operation of Spiritual Law

Christian Science teaches that God is All-in-All.  One of the most comforting effects of God's allness is the ever-presence and ever-operation of His laws, the spiritual and moral nature of God, divine Mind.  Material laws, so called, such as laws of health, judicial law, and laws of natural science appear to govern human experience.  These laws attempt to outline what happens in a given situation, producing both good and bad effects.  How grateful we can be that Christian Science reveals the spiritual laws of God to be the only laws which really exist and therefore it is only these laws which govern our lives!  "For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver," (Isa. 33:22).


We have scriptural authority through the laws that were given by God to Moses and through the words and works of the Master, Christ Jesus.  In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy says, "If God had instituted material laws to govern man, disobedience to which would have made man ill, Jesus would not have disregarded those laws by healing in direct opposition to them and in defiance of all material conditions." (pgs. 227-228).  Both Jesus and the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, healed cases of dropsy based on the law of God and adherence to the "divine rules of Christian Science...and the spirit of Christ" (see Luke 14:2-6 and p.156). "There is a law of God applicable to healing, and it is a spiritual law instead of material." (p. 463).


We can today prove for ourselves that God's laws are the only laws and bring into our experience the health, harmony, and holiness which are established by these laws.

"...Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth."

Romans 10:4



Hymn 371

We lift our hearts in praise,
O God of Life, to Thee,
And would reflect in all our ways
Thy purity.
Thy thoughts our lives enfold,
And free us from all fear;
All strife is stilled, all grief consoled,
For Thou art here.

We lift our hearts in praise,
O God of Truth, to Thee,
And find within Thy perfect law
Our liberty.
We bless Thy mighty name
In this exalted hour,
And to the world in faith proclaim
Thy healing power.

We lift our hearts in praise,
O God of Love, to Thee,
With joy to find through darkened days
Thy harmony.
O Father-Mother Love,
We triumph 'neath Thy rod,
We glory in Thy light, and prove
That Thou art God.


Hymn 329

The heavens declare the glory
Of Him who made all things;
Each day repeats the story,
Each night its tribute brings.
To earth's remotest border
His mighty power is known;
In beauty, grandeur, order,
His handiwork is shown.

His law man's pathway brightens,
His judgments all are pure,
His Word the thought enlightens,
And ever shall endure.
To heed His testimony,
And Wisdom's way to hold,
Is sweeter far than honey,
And better far than gold.

In daily contemplation
Of Thee, I take delight;
O, let my meditation
Lay hold of Thee aright.
O, aid me in suppression
Of idle thought or word;
O, keep me from transgression,
Redeemer, strength, and Lord.


Hymn 282

Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore Him;
Praise Him, angels, in the height;
Sun and moon, rejoice before Him,
Praise Him, all ye stars of light;
Praise the Lord, for He hath spoken,
Worlds His mighty voice obeyed;
Laws that never shall be broken
For their guidance hath He made.

Praise the Lord, for He is glorious;
Never shall His promise fail;
God hath made His saints victorious,
Sin and death shall not prevail.
Praise the God of our salvation;
Hosts on high, His power proclaim;
Heaven and earth, and all creation,
Laud and magnify His name.


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