Sunday Service

10:30a ET

(We will be live by 10:20a)


  1. Hymn

  2. Reading a Scriptural Selection.

  3. Silent Prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation.

  4. Hymn

  5. Announcing necessary notices.

  6. Solo. (see words below)

  7. Reading the Explanatory Note on first leaf of Quarterly.

  8. Announcing the subject of the Lesson-Sermon, and reading the Golden Text.

  9. Reading the Scriptural Selection, entitled "Responsive Reading," alternately by the First Reader and the congregation.

 10. Reading the Lesson-Sermon. (After the Second Reader reads the BIBLE references of the first Section of the Lesson, the First Reader makes the following announcement: "As announced in the explanatory note, I shall now read correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.")

 11. Collection.

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 12. Hymn

 13. Reading the Scientific Statement of Being, and the correlative Scripture according to I John 3:1-3.

 14. Pronouncing Benediction.

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Hymn 457

Sung by Kyndall Blum


Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning;
Teach me to do Your will, O God.
Cause me to know the way where I should place my feet
To walk in the pathway of Your love.

Verse 1
Not in the storm, nor the earthquake, nor the wave;
You're not in the wind, nor the flame.
In the still of the evening, in the hush of the morning,
Call my name.

Verse 2
Truth is my Rock; there is nothing I shall fear.
You still all my worry and woe.
And my heart's overflowing now; I rest where
Your quiet waters flow.

(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 457)





Hymn #258

  Oft to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of Truth with falsehood,
For the good or evil side.
A great cause, God's new Messiah,
Shows to each the bloom or blight,
So can choice be made by all men
Twixt the darkness and the light.

New occasions teach new duties,
Time makes ancient creeds uncouth;
They must upward still and onward
Who would keep abreast of Truth,
And serenely down the future
See the thought of men incline
To the side of perfect justice
And to God's supreme design.

Though the cause of evil prosper,
Yet 'tis Truth alone is strong;
Though her portion be the scaffold,
And upon the throne be wrong,
Yet that scaffold sways the future,
And behind the dim unknown
Standeth God within the shadow
Keeping watch above His own.
(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 258)

Hymn #581

There are none friendless, none afraid,
The saving Truth who know,
Their shining path leads from the shade,
And up to light they go.

Truth sets us free from thought of sin;
It heals all sorrow's blight.
Immortal joy is found therein,
And there shall be no night.

And O, may we, God's children true,
God's healing love make known,
And see by faith all things made new
When ruled by Love alone.
(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 581)

Hymn #504

I want to know the truth that Jesus taught us,
To taste the liberty his promise brought us.
In Life we see that fear and death are not found.
We know as Mind is knowing: We are God-crowned!

The master Christian gave us his pure teaching
And guided us in healing and in preaching.
Love's gospel casts out sin, and brings us healing,
Whereby we all are blessed by Truth's revealing.

Forever, we have Truth, as Jesus stated,
The Soul that gives the joy we've all awaited,
And Principle to guide our pathway upward,
The light and harmony that moves us forward.
(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 504)