Sunday School starts at 10:30 am each Sunday and lasts for one hour. All children up to the age of 20 are welcomed and warmly greeted by the teachers. (Children too young for Sunday School are cared for in the near-by Children's Room.) After singing a hymn with the congregation in the upstairs sanctuary, we gather back in Sunday School and open our classes by reading verses from the Bible together, and saying the Lord's Prayer.


The children then go to their classes with their teachers, where they learn how to apply the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and the specific lessons emphasized in the Bible Lesson-Sermon that has been studied that week by individual Christian Scientists and Bible students all over the world.


Each child is encouraged to know their identity as a child of God and to feel and express their Godlikeness as they make daily decisions and interact with family and neighbors through the week. The divine Love that is enjoyed in Sunday School is a gift that many youth are able to call upon well into adulthood and throughout their lives.


Useful websites for young people interested in Christian Science: