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Christian Science Monitor Daily

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Christian Science Sentinel Watch

30 minute - Q&A

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  • Sentinel Watch

    • a weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel hosted by Tony Lobl. Tune in to hear a question and answer on a timely topic or a report of healing in the words of the individual who experienced it.

    • Tony Lobl has been writing and broadcasting on Christian Science for three decades. Beside written and recorded pieces regularly appearing in Christian Science publications he has also had pieces published by national and global news outlets and has been interviewed by radio stations and podcast producers on three continents. Tony found Christian Science in his early twenties and became a Christian Science practitioner in 2004. He and his wife Jenny live in London.

  • Testimony of healing

  • Youth article from TeenConnect

  • The Daily Lift

    • Daily* Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

     *weekly, in this format; daily, here