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Reading Room

Keyboard and Mouse

Since 1887

Christian Science

has been in Chattanooga

Providing a bookstore and study center

Open Mon - Thurs 11am - 3pm

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for inspiration and healing ideas

Call 423-266-0646 and press 4 for the Daily Lift 24/7


We read together every Tuesday at 1:30p ET

Join us for one half-hour!

Current read: Mary Baker Eddy The Years of Trial by Robert Peel

Zoom app or | Meeting ID 423 266 0646 | Passcode 423

Or phone: 386-347-5053 - Meeting ID 423 266 0646 # | no participant ID, just enter # again | Password 423 (#)

You may purchase the book here. Or read it online here

It is not necessary to have the book; you can read online or just listen.

We invite you to access events offered by The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass.


Shop the Reading Room

Bibles, biographies

& the Christian Science Textbook

What IS a
Christian Science Reading Room?
  • It IS a library for self-directed Bible study, including computer-based research
  • IS a public place to bring your lunch, read, study & pray independently
  • IS a store to purchase Bibles, Bible reference books, children's Bible stories & more
  • IS the only spot in Chattanooga to buy a seven-time Pulitzer prize winning global weekly news magazine (
  • IS a place to read & purchase Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (the Christian Science textbook)
What IS a
Christian Science Reading Room?​
  • Is NOT about converting or preaching
  • Is NOT about psychics, mysticism, or cults
  • Is NOT about debating or arguing
  • Is NOT a private membership club
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Bible Reading


There are many Bible reading plans available online, including the one shown here.

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