Center doors will be opened and the congregation encouraged to socialize outside on the Portico

Hymnals & Quarterlys

2017 Hymnals and the Quarterlys available on self-serve table (Quarterlys and 2017 Hymnals to be left on the pews after the service; will be collected by the Ushers before the next service)

Hand Sanitzer & Masks

Hand sanitizer and masks available but not required (mask mandate lifted April 30)

Money Tellers


Money tellers wear disposable gloves

Alternate pews roped off


Pillows on roped off pews for access as desired

Collection Envelopes

Collection envelopes available in hymnal racks

Collection Baskets

Baskets with a wider opening instead of the narrow-opening collection bags so the opening won’t be touched as collection is taken; Ushers walk down roped off pews as necessary

Hand-washing reminder signs, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes in washrooms


Children's Room


Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in Children's Room

Microphone handle covered by disposable glove and changed by Usher between uses